Surrogacy is a complex topic, and prospective intended parents often feel overwhelmed with questions about how it works and where to begin. As you consider adding to your family through surrogacy, find answers to some of the most common surrogacy questions for intended parents below.If you want to get your answers directly from our managers — contact us!

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Why should we work with your surrogacy agency?

World Center of Baby (WCOB) is a full-service surrogacy agency dedicated to creating new life while ensuring the interests and safety of the intended parents and surrogates in the field of reproductive technology. Our team is professional and entrepreneurial. Honest and open lines of communication, individual approach and support. Exceptional Exit Process Expert to streamline. We work with some the leading fertility clinics in Ukraine.

Is surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

Yes. Ukraine is famous for its positive attitude to surrogacy

Who can participate in surrogacy programs in Ukraine?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is only allowed for married couples. Same-sex couples are not allowed to participate in programs.

Is surrogacy allowed in Ukraine for men or women who do not have partners?

Unfortunately, no. Couples whose marriage is officially registered can use the surrogacy service in Ukraine.

Could the surrogate mother from Ukraine have any rights for the baby?

No, due to the law, the surrogate mother does not have any right as a mother for the child. The fact of surrogacy stays confidential and the names of Intended Parents are specified on the original birth certificate.
It is regulated in accordance with the provisions of article 123, Part 2 of the Family Code of Ukraine, which states: «The parents of the baby born by methods of assisted reproduction will be those who conceived the embryo, even if it was implanted in the womb of another woman (surrogate mother).»

What happens if the surrogate does not want to give my baby?

Before starting the surrogate process, a couple signs the contract with the surrogate. According to the contract, the surrogate mother confirms that she has no rights for the baby.

Can PGD/PGS testing be done?

Yes, PGD/PGS testing is allowed. It is used to screen for specific genetic diseases and also for gender selection.

What is the fee payment structure?

The overall fee is divided into 4 instalments paid upon signing the contract, at week 12 of pregnancy, week 24 of pregnancy and after discharge from the maternity hospital

Are legal fees included in the contract?

Legal fees for the exit process support and coordination are included in the contract. Legal fees associated with the legal procedure in your home country are not included in the package and will need to be organized and paid for separately.

Is there a waiting time for surrogates?

We have surrogates who are willing and available so quite often the matching process will not take long. For Ireland and the UK, the surrogate has to be single or divorced, so in this case, it might take 2-3 months

How do you match surrogates to IP's? Will you give us options?

We usually send a profile of the surrogate which is matched in terms of her marital status (for Ireland, UK) as well as whether the IPs would like to transfer 1 or 2 embryos per transfer. We can take into account the special requests that you might have (ie travelling distance to Kyiv, age of biological children, experienced surrogate) but please note that this might increase the matching time. In case the intended parents like the surrogate profile we can arrange a Skype call to e-meet the surrogate as the next step.

What is the social background of the surrogates – are they married? Do they already have children? Have they been surrogates before? Did they go to university?

It differs. For Ireland and the UK, the surrogates need to be either single or divorced. They must have biological children of their own and pass medical and legal screenings before we will take them on board. Some have been surrogates before they are known as experienced surrogates. For them, financial motivation/compensation is very important. They will buy a car, an apartment or spend the money on education for their kids, but at the same time, they are also eager to help other people who are unable to become parents. You are welcome to have a look at the interview with our surrogate Marina, where she answers all of these questions

How do you ensure the surrogate is alcohol and drug free during her pregnancy?

Every month our pregnant surrogates come to Kyiv for regular check-ups and take compulsory alcohol and drug tests to ensure they are drug/alcohol-free

What medical tests do you provide for the surrogate during the pregnancy?

The surrogate comes to Kyiv for medical checkups and tests regularly every 2 weeks once pregnancy is established and confirmed with a scan. She takes blood tests every month. GTT test is taken at 24 weeks. In the 2nd trimester, she will undergo most of the tests and screenings that she has gone
through before being accepted into the program to include HIV, syphilis, Hep B and C as well as TORCH infections. From week 20 there is also Doppler echocardiography procedure carried out 3 times before delivery and at week 32 there a cardiotocography procedure. In case there are additional recommendations from the doctor all will be carried out in order to support a healthy and progressive pregnancy.

Is it possible to have a known Egg Donor from Ukraine who we may know her identity?

No. Unfortunately egg donation is anonymous in Ukraine.

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